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My name is Mariusz Kalinowski.

I've lived in Cork since 2005. I have Master Degree in "Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering". I like drawing and dancing. I am Tutor/Champion Break Dance.

Photography is my hobby and I like Panoramic Photography the most.

What is Panoramic Photography?

  • Is a technique, to put more than one pictures together and show you full range of view.

There are few kinds of Panoramic Pictures:

1. Flat -Is made by a few pictures together to make a wide landscape. It's similar to standard photo you can print it and expouse on the wall.

2. Virtual  Panoramic image  is a full 360x180° view. By using special software, you can navigate in any direction with your mouse.You can use your PC to watch on it. Be experience is like standing in a globe and looking at the world around you.

3. Virtual tour is made of virtual panoamoas that are connected together.You can jump from one location to another by clicking on a ¨Hot spot”. It's a great way to see many places in all directions.

Interactive panorama can make you fell like you are in a virtual world. With special added music it can enhance your experience.

I like virtual panorama because it's mysterious.I never know how the finished product will look. I use digital camera, but I can't check the result on the back screen because for one panoramic image I nead many frames. Than I stitch all these frames on my iMac, I finally see the result.


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